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Book Your Relaxing Henna Experience Today

The Henna Peacock services are more than henna and healing, they are luxurious self care experiences to celebrate you.


We offer beautiful henna experiences to celebrate the chapters in your life, by Shelby the resident henna artist and owner of The Henna Peacock,.


 We provide pampering henna sessions at our comfortable boutique for you to relax- from one to one appointments, to groups, parties and brides. 

Please note that while the henna paste can dry fairly quickly, for a rich stain, we recommend leaving it on the skin for at least 5 hours to allow the dye to sink into the skin, with 12 hours being optimal. You are encouraged to wait at the boutique while your paste dries (we also have a handy drier to speed this up), and we can apply our natural sealant spray (rose water, sugar and rose essential oil) over your design so that the paste sticks on easier.

All our henna services include an aftercare goodie bag which includes information and products how how to get the best stain, as well and a few treats for you to enjoy (all cruelty free and vegan friendly)!

When you arrive, you'll be greeted with the beautiful scent of incense wafting through the air, soothing music playing softly in the background, and candles flickering softly.  Our boutique offers the comfort of home with the luxurious feel of a spa.

Not sure what to go for? You can find out more about each experience through our services page.

Our Services

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