Private Appointments

I offer private, 1-to-1 henna appointments at any time, all you need to do is get in contact to book a time! 

I prefer at least couple of days notice if possible, so that I can mix up a fresh batch of henna for you.

Private appointments can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 6+ hours, and can cost anything from £5, depending on how big or complex the design you want is. 

As a rough idea on times and pricing, I have done a simple guide for you, this should show you the rough sizings, times and prices and so you should be able to get a rough idea of how much your ideal design may cost.

When booking, we can discuss this in more depth, and you can always set a budget too! If you have any specific designs in mind, then please do send me a photo so I can see what you would roughly like, and give you a more accurate quote.

I have books of the designs I have done that will be available for you to go through on the day of the appointment.

To book an appointment, you can either call me, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

To secure your appointment a non-refundable deposit of £5 will be required for small appointments, or a deposit of 1 hour for large appointments. Any remaining balance will need to be paid on the day of the appointment. I accept card, cash, bank transfer and paypal.

Simple Fingers

From £5.

This design is £5. Takes up to 10 minutes.

More Detailed Hands

From £15

from 20 minutes

Shoulder/collarbone Designs

Average design around £20. From 15 minutes upwards.

Fancy Fingers

£10-15, takes up to half an hour per hand.

Large Arm Designs

From £20

around half an hour

Thigh/ Leg Designs

From £30, from 20 minutes

This design £50, around 1-2 hours

Strip Designs

On hands- From £8

On Feet- From £10

From 10 minutes

Back Designs

From £20

From 20 minutes

Foot/Ankle Designs

From £10

Usually under 30 mins

About The Henna Peacock 


The Henna Peacock is all about natural henna and products that don't cost the earth. It was founded by henna artist, Shelby Humphries. She thinks of henna as more than just an art, but as a way of life, devotion and love.

The Henna Peacock prides itself on quality, so you can rest assured that we only offer natural, safe henna and quality handmade products.

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