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Henna Experiences
Finding the right session for you

Private Appointments

For a relaxing, pampering henna experience for one person. Perfect for getting away from the stresses and worries of life to just focus on you. You can even bring a bottle of wine or cocktail along with you to enjoy, for the ultimate experience (we have glasses that you can use). You will receive a goodie bag with aftercare products, information, and a treat for you.

Mini Experience- 15 minutes, and great for a first henna experience, enough time for a smaller design on one hand.

Regular Henna Experience- 30 minutes for a larger design on one hand, or smaller designs on both hands.

Luxury Henna Experience- 1 hour, perfect for a larger design on both hands, or a piece on the body, like leg pieces or shoulder/top of the back designs, or smaller prenatal/belly bump designs.

Ultimate Henna Experience- 2 hours of henna pampering for designs on both sides of both hands, or for large designs on the legs, back, chest/torso, larger prenatal designs with some adornment on the hands.

Prenatal Pampering

Welcome your baby and celebrate yourself with the relaxing and healing art of prenatal henna, where we adorn your belly bump with our natural henna designs tailored to you.


We welcome you into our cosy home studio with soothing music playing, incense wafting through the air and a comfortable seat for you to rest in and be pampered with henna.

We offer one and two hour sessions, depending on if you are after a smaller or larger design and if you would like to have your hands adorned as well.


" A lovely, very gentle experience "


Bridal Consultations and Applications

For our bridal applications, we require a mandatory consultation to discuss the details with you. This can be done either via Zoom, or at our boutique (recommended, as we can apply a sample design on you).

All bridal designs are unique and tailored to the individual bride, to make your henna dreams a reality, no matter if you are after something small and dainty, or bold and full on- Shelby has got you covered. 

We also can come to your wedding on the day and adorn your guests as well, for that extra special touch, and leaving guests with designs that last long after your wedding and unique memories that will last in their hearts forever. 

Specialty Experiences- Henna Crowns

We believe that everyone should feel comfortable and confident in themselves, and have seen loved ones suffer a loss in confidence after losing their hair from illness. Which is why we offer henna crowns- to help you feel beautiful, confident, and more like yourself again.

Please note that this is offer is only for those who have lost their hair due to medical reasons (like from alopecia or cancer treatment). We offer our henna crowns as a free service, and while tips are appreciated, they are not mandatory. We want to help you feel good about yourself.


" I had a lovely appointment today and I’m really pleased with the outcome. It looks lovely "


Parties and Events

When you want to make your event special and leave guests with beautiful designs that last long after your event has ended, then look no further. We can travel to your events and celebrations and waw your guests with our art, and that leave them with memories that last a lifetime in their hearts. Minimum booking is for 2 hours for bookings within Devon (please enquire for further locations), and at least 2 months notice is needed for this service- to enquire, please fill out the form below.  To get a quote and check if we are available, you can fill in our event enquiry form.

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