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Frequently Asked Questions

Henna Aftercare

Looking After Your Design

Henna applications are only the beginning- to achieve deep dark stains you must follow good aftercare practices, otherwise your stain will be pale and underwhelming. Don't worry- it's simple, and gives you an excuse not to do the housework! Here are the 4 basic rules to follow, and how to use our aftercare products

Essential Aftercare:

1) Keep the paste on as long as possible- the longer the paste is on the skin, the deeper the stain can sink into the skin. We recommend a minimum of 5 hours, but 12 hours is best where possible.

2) Stay dry- henna doesn't like water, if the paste gets wet then it can start to run and smudge. When the paste is off, water can make the stain fade quicker and stop it developing fully. You can wash hands and shower still, it is just best to avoid excessive exposure to water.

3) Stay warm- henna stains sink into the skin and develop easier and better when you are warm- heaters and hot water bottles are perfect to use.

4) Do not wash the paste off, gently flake it off with a spoon or your nails.

Aftercare Products:

- You can apply lavender essential oil after the paste has been removed and the next morning- a few drops go far so go lightly with it.

- Henna Balm can help protect your design from water, and can be used as a moisturizer over the design as well. Our henna balm is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

At your appointment, we will go over aftercare and will provide you with products and information to take home to care for your design.

Why is my henna stain orange?

Don't worry- Fresh henna stains start off orange, this is completely natural. As the design is exposed to air it oxidizes, it gets darker and will go brown (a bit like how copper statues turn green). It takes about 1-2 days for a henna design to fully mature and reach its peak. So if you are after henna for your party on Saturday, it is best to book for Thursday so that it will be it's best for your event.

My stain didn't darken up, Did I do something wrong?

While we do everything in our power to give you the best chance at a rich stain, we cannot guarantee results as henna application is only the beginning. It's up to you to look after your design, and not following the aftercare provided will result in pale, weak stains that fade quicker. We recommend following our aftercare for the best chances of a sucessful, rich stain. This involves keeping the paste on for a minimum of 5 hours, but the longer the better- with 12 hours being optimum. Stay warm, avoid excessive exposure to water (you can shower and wash hands, but best not to have long baths, go swimming, or to be in hot tubs) as this will fade your design quickly or stop it developing properly. This also makes a great excuse for you to avoid washing the dishes and getting your partner to do them for a couple of weeks, otherwise henna balm and a pair of washing up gloves can help protect your henna. For full aftercare information and stain troubleshooting, you can check out our instant downloads below.


How Long does henna last?

On average, henna designs last about 5-10 days, although some people may find it can last longer (up to 3 weeks). However some medications, diet, aftercare taken, the design location, and your individual skin type can all affect your stain quality and lifespan.


For more information, you can check out these instant downloads, where we go into detail about how to look after your design (and why each step is important), how the stain develops, and the most common causes for pale stains.

Instant download- Henna Aftercare

Instant download- Stain Progression 

Instant download- Troubleshooting Your Stain 

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