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Henna Experiences

Prenatal Services

Celebrate With Henna

Celebrate the miracle of life and birth with prenatal henna designs to celebrate and welcome your baby into the world.

We exclusively work with fresh, natural henna for all of our sessions and for our prenatal services, we mix an extra delicate paste that will be suitable for both you and baby. We use organic henna leaf powder, lavender floral water, sugar, and water into our paste to give the best results while keeping the safety of you both our top priority.

Relax in our comfortable home studio and enjoy being pampered with the wearable art of henna by our friendly artist, Shelby.

You can choose from either our small prenatal session, where you'll be able to get a beautiful belly bump design, or our large session, where your belly design will be more detailed and elaborate, and you can also get designs on your hands to show off to the world. 

Please note that stains on your belly bump do come out paler than stains on the hands (due to the skin being thinner and stretched from baby, and the fluctuations of hormones), so it is important to follow our aftercare so that you can get the best results possible for you.

" Very creative and knowledgable young lady...beautiful art work! Highly recommended..⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  " 

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" Fantastic designs and high quality to finish "

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