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To create these little beauties, I first apply my natural henna paste to the wooden drop shapes. This process os completely freehand, so each earring will be unique. 
I leave the paste on for a whole week before scraping the henna off, this is so that the stain will mature nicely over the coming weeks. It can take several months for the stain to mature fully. 

Once I’ve removed the paste, I attach the earring hooks so that they are wearable. You may find your earrings may be a little pale on arrival- this just means that it was made recently. 

Avoid storing in direct sunlight- over time, direct, strong sunlight can fade the henna. Everyday wear wont cause damage to your earrings though! 
I have a range of designs that I do, or you can contact me for a custom set just for you! 

Wooden Drop Earrings

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