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Designed by hand and inspired by both traditional and modern henna styles, Shelby created these unique temporary tattoo sheets.

Perfect for when work or school doesn’t allow henna.

Instructions included, and are nice and easy. Simply cut the design(s) out, remove the clear film, stick to the skin (we recommend avoiding bendy areas like over joints, as it will flake off quicker) and use a tissue or cotton ball to dampen the backing paper for 30 seconds. Then simply slide the backing paper off, and use the cotton ball to smooth any edges down if needed. Pat the area dry and voilà, you’re ready to go! For best results, exfoliate the area beforehand.

Contains: one tattoo sheet and one instruction sheet.

Designs last a couple of days on average, depending on how you look after it. Like with all temporary tattoos, try to avoid rubbing the areato help it last longer.

Temporary Tattoo Sheets

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