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Super sensitive organic henna paste in biodegradable cellophane cones mixed fresh by hand on Tuesdays, by our experienced henna artist, Shelby.

Perfect for those with very sensitive skin, allergies to lavender essential oil, chemo patients and pregnant women.


❌ No chemicals or preservatives, and essential oil free❌


✅ Super smooth paste. Rich stain- suitable for brides. Pin included- 0.5mm tip. Storage info and sheet on aftercare to get a great stain included. Organic henna paste.

♻️ Eco friendly packaging. We roll our cones from biodegradable cellophane (a plant based plastic- currently there aren’t any viable plastic free options available yet, but we have gone for the most environmentally friendly option there is), and tape made with eco friendly glue and made from recycled plastic. Suitable to put out with your food waste collection for composting.


We mix our henna weekly on Tuesdays and post as soon as the paste is ready (usually the same day, but sometimes the henna takes longer to release dye, meaning postage may be on a Wednesday). Please have your order in by Monday evening to ensure you catch the next delivery. We test each batch to ensure the highest quality every time.


✉️ Posted First Class through Royal Mail, so they should arrive within a few days of sending.


Paste made from: organic Rajistani (from Sojat) Henna powder (dried and ground down leaves from the henna- or Lawsonia Inermis- bush), water, and British grown sugar.


📸 Photos of stains achieved from our paste- both by ourselves and our clients. You can get the beautiful, rich colour that you dream of with our organic paste.

As a thankyou for choosing our henna cones, and helping support our small business and the causes we believe in, we add a free gift in with every order.


💚 Because our paste is fresh and natural, they are perishable if not stored properly. You should either use your cones within 3 days, or freeze them on arrival to keep them at their best. They can last up to a year in the freezer.

Suitable for all skin types, sensitive/dry skin, pregnant women, chemo patients, children, eczema prone skin, and more, due to the soothing qualities of both the henna powder and lavender.

Sensitive Blend Henna Paste (No Essential Oil)

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