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I always knew I wanted to use my creativity to bring others joy, since I was a young girl. I have always been creative, and my earliest memory is of painting with my Grandma- she taught me so much about art and helped me grow. Through art, I found beauty all around me, and I wanted to share it with others.

As a teenager, I found henna and did a little design on myself. My mums best friend (who is also like a second mum to me), an amazing indian lady called Rita, saw it and offered to be my canvas. She encouraged me to grow my styles and try new things. Her only request each time, was that a peacock or peacock feather was tucked into each design (it was something her father would draw on her in pen as a child).

as the years went on, my love for henna, it’s culture, and the ancient art grew. I started offering henna designs as well as other arts and crafts that I had made/created. In 2014 I studied under a top artist, Joshiv in London to learn how to make my own natural and safe paste, and to be able to create intricate bridal designs.

In 2016, I decided to specialise just in henna and I rebranded to The Henna Peacock- a name that is important and meaningful for me as it stems from where I came from and began, and it takes me back to the early days where I would adorn Rita each week, and we would sit there chatting and have a cup of tea and biscuits. Even now, a lot of my designs have a peacock feather incorporated into them and once hearing the story behind the name, a lot of my clients ask for a feather in their designs.

In October 2020, I opened the doors to my boutique for the first time, to offer my services at a welcoming and relaxing environment. So that clients can get away from their busy lives to just enjoy themselves.

Since starting, I have adorned hands, feet, scalps for henna crowns, brides, pregnant bellies, I’ve even adorned over scars and blemishes to help people feel more confident, beautiful and happy in their own skin. I believe that everyone should be able to feel beautiful in themselves- too often unrealistic beauty standards are being shoved in our faces which make us feel less than. My goal is to help others find the beauty in yourself, through the amazing and healing art of henna.


  • Namaste
    Prioritise ‘me time’ and sanity with meditations, and acts of self love 🙏

Shelby Humphries

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