Send some love to your special lady with this mini gift set. 


Contains a hand decorated henna maxilight (also called giant tealight or mega tealight) candle, and a 15ml Mason and Miller lotion. 


My candles are made to be used, and look beautiful when lit- the melted wax creating a pool for the henna design to gently float in, with the flame dancing merrily over it- looking even more beautiful than before they were lit!


I decorate each candle by hand, so there are slight differences with every candle, meaning that your candle will be unique. To create these candles, I first clean the top of the candle with alcohol rub to prepare the candle. Then I decorate each candle with henna, then put them on the shelf to dry overnight. 

The next day, I carefully add a sealant to the design- if I go too quickly or am not gentle enough, the design flakes off. So I take great care with this process. I put the candles back on the drying shelves to dry overnight before they are ready to be added into your gift set. 


My maxi-light candles have approximately 10 hours of burning time. 


The boxes are decorated, and I have the option for you to choose if you would like the pack sent as it is in the post (great to send directly to the recipient), or if you would like to have it packed in an envelope- making it perfect to give in person!


Boxes are 10x10x2 cm, making them great travel sizes gifts, and able to fit in most letter boxes. Photos with Lighter and Bic pen to help give you a scale of size. 


Not quite what you are after? I have a range of other pamper packs and gift sets in my shop or, I am always happy to create a custom design or set for you!

Love You Pamper Set

How would you like it sent?

    About The Henna Peacock 


    The Henna Peacock is all about natural henna and products that don't cost the earth. It was created by ICHNA certified henna artist, Shelby Humphries. She thinks of henna as more than just an art, but as a way of life, devotion and love.

    The Henna Peacock prides itself on quality, so you can rest assured that we only offer natural, safe henna and quality handmade products.

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