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Single natural henna in biodegradable cellophane cone mixed fresh by hand on Tuesdays/WednesdaysCones are rolled by hand so may look different in shape, but all my large cones weigh 20-22 grams each.  ❌ No chemicals or preservatives❌ ✅ Super smooth, silky paste. Rich stain- suitable for brides and professional artists as well as hobbiests. Pin included- 0.5mm tip. Storage and aftercare info included. I mix my henna weekly and post as soon as the paste is ready. Please have your order in by Monday evening to ensure you catch the next delivery. I post on Tuesdays/Wednesdays (depending on how long the henna takes to release its dye). I test each batch to ensure the highest quality every time.  Paste made from: Rajistani (from Sojat) Henna powder (dried and ground down leaves from the henna- or Lawsonia Inermis- bush), water, sugar, and organic lavender essential oil.  Because my paste is fresh and natural, they are perishable if not stored properly. You should either use your cones within 3 days, or freeze them on arrival to keep them at their best. They can last up to a year in the freezer.  Suitable for all skin types, sensitive/dry skin, pregnant women, chemo patients, children, eczema prone skin, and more, due to the soothing qualities of both the henna powder and lavender.

Large Fresh Natural Henna Cone

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