100g of The Henna Peacock’s pure henna powder. Body art quality and also great for the hair too. 

Just 100% pure henna (lawsonia innermis) powder from Sojat in Rajistan, India. 

Henna powder is made from the dried, crushed leaves of the henna (lawsonia innermis) bush. It is picked, dried and packaged in Sojat. 


🌿 Packaged in recyclable and biodegradable packaging 🌿


For skin I mix with water, sugar and lavender essential oil. This is suitable for sensitive skin. If you don’t have sensitive skin, you could also try mixing with lemon juice or cooled down black tea instead of water. And you could try a range of essential oils (the best ones for henna are lavender, clove, cajeput. Always check labels though, make sure they are skin safe and aromatherapy grade. Only use lavender if applying to younger children, or pregnant women).


Double packed for freshness.


For hair, I mix with water, and lavender essential oil, and leave for 24 hours before using it. Wrap the hair in clingfilm and wrap it up. Leave it on for a minimum of 4 hours for a reddish-brown tint. For a bolder colouring leave it on overnight.

Leaves the hair very soft and in exellent condition.

100g Natural Henna Powder- Recyclable Packaging


    About The Henna Peacock 


    The Henna Peacock is all about natural henna and products that don't cost the earth. It was created by ICHNA certified henna artist, Shelby Humphries. She thinks of henna as more than just an art, but as a way of life, devotion and love.

    The Henna Peacock prides itself on quality, so you can rest assured that we only offer natural, safe henna and quality handmade products.

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