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Self Care Rituals

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Self care is important- we often go about so focused on what others want and need and we end up forgetting about ourselves. You can't pour from an empty jug, and the same rings true for us as well, when we are emotionally and/or physically drained we are not at our best- we get cranky, we can snap at those around us (who are often the ones we love and care about the most). It's time to realise our self worth and to prioritize 'me time', so that we can recharge ourselves, we can get a break and enjoy ourselves and respect our minds and bodys. Only when we feel our best, can we best help and support those in our lives.

There are so many ways to enjoy self care- there is no right or wrong way! Some people like to meditate and have some quiet time, others may want to get themselves a treat. It's about finding what works best for you. What do you love to do that makes you feel good and energised and ready to face the world? Is it watching Netflix in your comfy slouch clothes, or getting that nail polish that you looove, or is it getting away for a few hours to be pampered at a spa or salon, or perhaps a simple stroll in the park?

You don't need to be elaborate every time, and you don't need to spend hours each day to cram into your already busy life- it can be 5 minutes each morning to do a breathing exercise or to repeat your favourite mantra, or it can be a relaxing bath each week with incense and beautiful lit incense, and your favourite chill-out music. It could be treating yourself to an experience each month to get away from the everyday and to relax in a peaceful environment.

I, personally, practice self care differently all the time. Sometimes I'll meditate for a few minutes-half an hour each day, sometimes I enjoy a nice relaxing bath. I make my own bath salts, you can either buy them below:

Or if you prefer, you can make your own!

I use:

A blend of salts (Locally made and produced cornish sea salt and Pink Himalayan salt)

Dried lavender buds

Organic lavender essential oil

Vitamin E oil (optional, you could use coconut oil or other suitable topical vitamin oil as well or instead)

You can use whatever salt or salts that you would like in whichever texture you want. I use pink salt, (as to me, it feels more decadent and fancy) and cornish sea salt, as it is made in the county over from me.

You can add bicarbonate of soda, but I prefer not to, as I wanted to create a gentle bath salt that suits even the most sensitive of skin types.

In a glass bowl, I add in 1 cup of dried lavender buds with a tablespoon of lavender essential oil, and 10 drops of vitamin E oil, and stir together when thoroughly blended together. I then add in 2 cups of salt and stir it all together. Store in an airtight jar- preferably glass, as essential oil can react to some plastics. If you want to give as presents, then fill to 3/4 up, and top up with more dried lavender buds.

You can change up the scent- another scent I make (only for myself) is with rose and rose geranium oil (2 teaspoons geranium rose essential oil, 1 teaspoon of rose essential oil), and dried rose petals instead of the lavender. Always be careful when buying essential oils and make sure they are 100% pure essential oil (not a blend), and are aromatherapy suitable. Always make sure the essential oil is skin safe when choosing different scents- some can be harmful. Be extra cautious if on medication or are pregnant- some oils can be bad for you and your baby through the different trimesters. Always check with your healthcare provider if you are unsure. I am not a doctor or medical practitioner, and do not offer any medical advice.

Add a handful of salts to your bath or to the shower tray (swirl the salts in the bath for them to dissolve and to disperse the essential oil evenly), before you get in.

Before my bath, I love to light an incense stick in the same scent as the bath salts, I light some tealight candles around the bathroom, and sometimes I put on some relaxing music, and other times I like to relax in peace and quiet.

Every week I also try to make the time to practice self care by adorning myself with henna (as long as there is space- some weeks in summer, I can go a bit crazy with it and spend a whole day hennaing myself so I have nowhere to adorn the next week before it has been able to fade!). I add lavender essential oil into my paste, as it helps to give the stain a little boost, it is safe for sensitive skin, and it has a wonderfully relaxing scent.

The point here, is that you can do whatever you like to practice self care. As long as it makes you feel better/good/recharged/pampered, then go for it! You DO deserve it. Even if you don't feel worth it at the moment, then do it for those you love so that you can be present and there for them. By treating yourself, you set a different tone and you can bring more positive energy to what you do each day, which also rubs off on your loved ones. Self care can help relationships with your close ones easier and better as you aren't feeling too drained to be able to engage with others. It's not selfish, instead, it's selfless to practice self care.

You can check out my range of self care items and sets from my shop, from lavender bath salts, to henna candles, incense, pamper packs and more. I like doing seasonal sets and update my collections regularly, and I also love helping you to create the perfect set as well, so if you would like a custom set, please do get in contact.

Let me know if you've done any self-care practices before, or if you have then share your favourite self care rituals and experiences in the comments.

Namaste, Shelby

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