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More Free Templates

Due to how popular my last set of free templates was, I have updated and created more and wanted to share them with you. These templates are all watermarked, but you can buy the watermark free version in my shop (link below).

They both have 17 template pages, including hands, fingers, feet, and grids and layout pages that I have used myself to create my own design books and portfolios. I find the grids useful to both practice my grids and fills as well as to plan out a range of different sized designs that are laid out pleasing to the eye.

So to avoid babbling on and making you scroll for pages, I hope that you enjoy and find these useful for your henna practices. Please do tag me in photos you share when you use them- I'd love to see what you create with them! I'm on facebook, tiktok, and instagram @TheHennaPeacock I can't wait to see what you do!

Watermark free/ Paid version available here:

Watermarked/ Free version available here:

Free Henna Templates
Download ZIP • 4.23MB

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