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Mixing henna

This is my main recipie for henna paste. It takes a few hours for the henna paste to develop, so make it a day or two beforehand.

You will need:

- High quality henna powder (I reccomend sojat henna, make sure it is body art quality!)

- Water

- Lavender essential oil (you’ll need pure lavender essential oil that is aromatherapy graded)

- Spoon

- Glass/plastic/tuppawear bowl with lid or clingfilm to cover- NOT metal bowl. Note that plastic may stain.

- Piping bag

- Empty henna cones

what to do:

- Empty the henna powder into the bowl, you may need to seive the henna powder beforehand. If you have an old clean pair or thin tights, or some organza fabric around, these are both perfect to use!

- Add water slowly, stiring between additions. you’ll want it the consistancy of mayonaise. There isn’t an exact amount of water to henna as the henna is all natural, so sometimes it soaks up more water than other times, so just go slowly and mix well. You dont want it going too sloppy or the lines you draw will all melt and run!

- Cover the henna with clingfilm or put the lid on the bowl and leave the henna to rest in a dark warm place (like an airing cupboard) for 4-6 hours.

- You will know the henna is ready when it turns a deep brown colour. This means that the dye has been released and now it will stain.

- Now add the lavender essential oil. I add 5ml per 100g of henna powder. You may need to add some more water as it can get a bit harder.

- Scoop the henna paste into the piping bag, cut off a small tip then pipe the henna into the smaller henna cones.

Your henna is now ready to use!

if you want to use the henna in your hair, then you’ll want to mix the paste a bit thinner, and you wont need to pipe it into small cones, but you’ll want rubber gloves on! It may be easier to use the piping bag of henna or you may want to use your hands to scoop out the henna from the bowl- it is up to you!

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