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Matcha Tea Meditation

You may think that you have to sit still in silence in a weird position to meditate, but thats not the only way. Anything that brings you peace and focuses you on the moment can be a meditation.

I love to do a meditation while I make tea. My favourite tea to do this with is matcha. its more than a teabag, water and milk. I’ll share with you my recipie and process and hope that you may enjoy this yourself.

First, I put the kettle on. Listen to the sound it makes. I find it a calming background noise. It can drown out a lot of other rubbish going on and distracting you.

Next, I get my cup out- I have a turkish style glass cup, because it looks so pretty And makes me happy. I then get the matcha and put about half a teaspoon in the cup and add about the same of honey. Gently mix the two together to make a smooth paste. I do it this way or it gets very lumpy with just water and milk. Breath conciously and stir in time with your breath. Let peace fill you as you mix. I love milky tea, so I add milk- adding a splash then stirring then adding more milk then stiring more. Watch the colour as you do all this. When the water is ready, I carefully pour untill the glass is full, and gently stir again. because I add a lot of milk, my tea is ready to drink nearly immediately. I sit in a comfy spot and slowly drink my tea. Notice the warmth of the mug, lean your head forward to get carressed gently by the steam and inhale deeply. Notice the smell. When you drink, notice the sweetness of the honey, the bitterness of the tea, the soft creaminess of the milk, and the heat of the water.

I find that this short 10 minute ritual can realy help to clear my head and fill me with peace. Let me know if you try this, if you change any of it and how you found it!

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