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Macmillan Fundraiser

Something that I hold onto are my values; integrity, to be judgement free, to provide a safe space for anyone, and to support my local communities and the causes I care about.

Since I was a young child, I have often done what I can to support charities and the community. I raised money for water-aid many times, became a ‘senior member’ (helper) at my local youth club, joined as part of the Henna Voices team, and becoming a volunteer at Willand Pantry.

And now I want to raise money for Macmillan cancer. When I was a teenager, my nan had Macmillan nurses stay with her overnight. When she died, we took comfort in knowing she didn’t die alone and she had someone there for her until the end.

I’m going to be Braving the Shave soon for Macmillan Cancer Support and I would love to raise at least £500 for them.

Donate through my Macmillan fundraising page here:

It is through macmillans fundraising pages so your money will go straight to them.

As a child, I use to dream of being a fairy, a mermaid or a princess (I couldn’t decide which one though), so I decided to take notes from the many disney movies I watched; napping like sleeping beauty, swimming and playing in the water like the mermaids from peterpan, and growing my hair long like Rapunzel- the last one being something I never stopped doing, leaving me with long hair that could have a new purpose. And that has made me think about how there are children out there going through hair loss from their treatments and how I would have felt lost without my hair. So after braving the shave, I’ll also be donating my hair to The Little Princess trust so that it can go to good use and help other little girls feel like princesses again.

I’d really appreciate it if you could pease share this blog post, or if you can spare some money (even just £1 would help) you can donate through my macmillan fundraising page here:

Details on where/when to be confirmed soon (will update here), but planning on doing it in the next few months (early Summer 2024).

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