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Happy New Year!

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

I can’t believe that 2018 has gone by so fast! It had its highs and its lows, but had bought on many changes. I found it a year of growth- both personally and bussiness wise.

I learnt a lot about self love and appreciation- Something I struggled a lot with in the past. That’s not to say I dont have bad days- because I do, but they are less frequent, and easier to cope with as I know it will just pass.

With big businesses, I find them so unpersonal, and I never want to be that way with you all. You are my loyal customers and clients. You make my dreams come true, and give my life meaning and goals to aim for.

Without all of your support, wether its just a single purchace or appointment or if you are a regular- You are valued and appreciated so very much. Without you, I wouldn’t have this blog, this website, this brand. I would be miserable in a job leading nowhere. And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So, I promise you that I will NEVER become an impersonal brand without a face. I will always package your orders with time, care and love. I will setup a space with attention to detail for appointments. And, I will continue to share my journey with you in this blog.

This year brings new promises, hopes and dreams along with it for us all. What we need to do is to be open, and to get up, chase those butterflies, and smell those flowers. Theres always going to be bad times, but with effort and self care, you can stack up the good times too. This year is our year to shine, my lovelies- so lets shine so bright!

I will be bringing out more self care products, with malas, meditation candles, and more to come along- I hope you will continue to support my path- even if just by watching in the sidelines!

Have a wonderful new year, and may it exceed all your wishes and dreams!


Shelby AKA: The Henna Peacock

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