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Free Templates

I've had so many artists ask me if they could use my hand and foot templates, so I have decided to post them here for everyone to access for free.

You can use these templates to practice and to create your own design books from- I just ask that you:

1) Only use 100% Natural Henna (I'll be posting recipes soon, and you can buy henna powder, pre-made henna paste, and more supplies from my shop).

2) Use your own designs if it is for a professional design book- no-one likes their work being stolen. We spend so much time learning and developing our skills to get to where we are. Tag original artists if you are practicing, or change elements of a design to give it a twist and make it your own.

3) Enjoy and have fun! Henna is a beautiful and sacred art form that is meant to be shared and adored. Wether you are just beginning, or are a professional artist, I wish you all the success and joy in your henna journey.

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