About The Henna Peacock 


The Henna Peacock is all about natural henna products. It was founded by henna artist, Shelby Gull. She thinks of henna as more than just an art, but as a way of life, devotion and love.

The Henna Peacock prides itself on quality, so you can rest assured that we only offer natural, safe henna and quality handmade products.

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Healing Henna

Scar Cover Ups

Henna has always been considered to have healing and protective properties. 


I strongly believe in the magic of henna. It can produce a state of calmness, happiness and meditation. With its beautiful scent filling the air, and watching the pattern taking place upon ones skin, it can truly feel healing and mystical.


For most of my appointments (healing or otherwise), my clients love the atmosphere and leave feeling relaxed, pampered and peaceful.

I believe everyone should feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin, so I offer henna crowns free of charge for the first appointment, then at a reduced rate of £20 per session after that.

I offer henna scar cover-ups too, at a reduced rate for those who have got scars from operations, abuse, or self harm.

I can also visit hospitals and hospices in the local area to do henna there at a discounted rate.

To book any of these services, please feel free to contact us and we'll arrange a date and place.

For the free bookings, you'll have to come to me, or cover my travel costs.