As long as Government guidelines don't change, I shall be re-opening on Thursday 15th April.​

To put your mind at ease and to keep you as safe as possible, there are a few changes that I have made. Here are some of the details on the procedures I am putting in place.

What I Am Doing

I have achieved a couple of BARBICIDE certificates, One for breaking the cycle of infection and one on helping to minimise and eradicate the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It has helped me to create new safety procedures.

My procedures include sanitising all my equipment, work surfaces and even myself before and after each client. 

I have created a new, safer design booklet. I drew out many hands and decorated each one with a design. I then cut them out, laminated them and cut that out to create a booklet of hands. This means that I can easily sanitise the designs, without them being ruined or having to create single-use design sheets.

Because I work as a carer in the evenings, I am able to take a covid test weekly, so you can rest assured that I will not be carrying the virus.

If there s any exposure to Covid, everyone that could be affected will be informed immediately and I will close the shop until all is clear and safe to open again.

What to Expect on Arrival, and Your Role

When you get to my shop, check that there are not too many people are inside already- the number will be kept on the door and will be kept up to date. If all ok to proceed, please put a face mask or covering on before coming in (If you have an exemption from masks, please open the door and call out to me stating this, then go ahead to the next step).

Once your mask is in place, please knock gently on the door so I know you are there and can put my mask on for you and your safety.

Once inside, you will find immediately to your right my sanitising and logging in station. Please use the hand sanitiser provided. If you have an appointment or wish to have a design done, you will be required to sign in.

To sign in, there are two options. You can scan the code on the NHS Test and Trace app, or you can use the pad and pen provided to write down your details. If you write your details down, please bring your details to me by the till so that I can securely store them for you. This is required by law if you stay anywhere for 15 or more minutes.


I understand that we like keeping our privacy, which is why I promise you, I will not use your details for personal use, only to contact you if there has been and covid confirmed case. Your details will be stored for 21 days, before being destroyed. If you use the app, then I will not need your details as your app will keep you updated automatically.